Improper Songs
Various Artists/Glass Colours

Fifteen of Glass Colours' all time favourite artists present their unique interpretations of some of our greatest hits. What an absolute honour … for them if not for us!

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Improper Songs (Various Artists)

'A Shot In The Dark' Peggy Peterson III

'The King Of May' Dick Day & The Elphin Boys

'Shapes Flicker In Shadow' Suzi & The Shadoze

'Secrets & Lies' King B Kind

'I Want It' Telibonce

'The End Of Days' The Spinning Jennies

'The Revolution' Waverly Faze

'Beautiful' Treacle Toffee

'Storm Riders' The Neil & Bob Band

'Kingdom Of Lies' Little Jim & The Jams

'Remember I love You' Moma Le Fay

'Ashes And Pretence' Art Skylake

'The Piper To Pay' Rikki & The Numbers

'Give Me Everything' Alma Vino

'Patterns' The Daisy Dichotomy

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